Breakthrough Technology

  • QMotion™ engineers have thrown out the rules and completely revolutionized the operation of motorized shades. Through the use of four high-precision steel ball bearings, QMotion dramatically reduces the friction that exists when shades move. Less resistance means effortless motion, resulting in incredible battery life of up to five years – and a level of quietness never before available in a motorized, wireless shade.
  • Standard alkaline D batteries are hidden from view inside the shade tube, yet are easily accessible when new batteries are required. And yes, batteries are included. Now that’s innovation.
  • QMotion Shades are operated with a user-friendly, wireless remote control, which may be stored conveniently in a wall plate.
  • But QMotion also offers the flexibility of manual operation. A short tug to the bottom bar of the shade activates the motor, causing the shade to glide to a fully open or preprogrammed intermediate position. Want more privacy? Simply pull the shade downward to your desired position

Take Control At Your Fingertips

  • Customize QMotion™ automation with Home Manager ST®. Home Manager ST makes it easy to control every shade in your home from a web-based interface. Program shades to open or close based on sunrise/sunset, day of the week and time of day. Combine multiples shades into groups to simplify usage. Programming shades to automatically lower during the brightest daylight hours can even shield furniture and flooring from the sun’s damaging rays. QMotion doesn’t simply add to the beauty of your home – it also protects it.

The system is so advanced it can also control compatible lights, sensors and thermostats for total environmental home automation.

For more information on QMotion go to the QMotion website and ask Phil Staley.